documentary, 23', 2020, Ateliers Varan (France)

Mister BlaiZ is a healer. He pours his heart and soul into bringing out the music within each and every one of us.

I had heard of him through a collegue who attended his gospel choirs : he had the reputation of changing people's lives.

Inspired by his resilience, I felt the need to explore his ways as we go through these strange times.


fiction, 12'25, 2016 (Greece / Cyprus)

Three broke buddies have fun on their usual stroll at the outskirts of a small town. As they tease each other about girls, money and authority, they find an abandoned helpless dog. In a split second, things get out of hand.


Mad Dogs questions the issues of power and evil within in a 12 minute single shot in rural Greece.

screenings & awards : 

Cyprus International Short Film Festival, Limassol (Cyprus) - awarded for Best Cinematography & Second Best Short Film in National Competition / One Take Film Festival, Zagreb (Croatia) / Tirana International Film Festival (Albania) / The Short Film Day, Nicosia (Cyprus) / Drama Short Film Festival, Drama (Greece) - honorable mention for the choreographed single shot / Athens International Film Festival (Greece) / World of Film International Festival Glasgow (UK) - Best Short Film, Focus on Balkan Cinema / Cyprus Short Film Day, London (UK) / Thessaloniki Film Festival, (Greece) / Encounters Film Festival, Bristol (UK)