Daphne (not in your eyes)

experimental, 03'48, 2011 (Greece / France)

The sounds of Athens. A foreign reporter struggling to produce her story in the middle of the riots.
The empty streets of Paris. A house. A bedroom, a kitchen. Two worlds brought into one. 
A greek girl, keeping up to her morning habits, while things back home explode. A mysterious connection between her actions and the reporter’s voice. As if she could hear it all. As if she could feel the teargas in her own eyes. As if she truly was there.

with Daphne Koutsafti

screenings & awards :

Turin Film Festival, Turin (Italy) / London Greek Film Festival, London (UK) / Underdox Festival, Munich (Germany) / VideoEx Festival, Zurich (Switzerland) /  Festival Miden, Kalamata (Greece) /Façade, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) / La Semaine du Cinéma, Paris, France / LE BAL, Paris, (France) / Le Forum des Images, Paris (France) /  Syros Film Festival, Syros (Greece) / Yuria Festival, Athens (Greece), La Soirée de Votanique, Athens (Greece)

1st prize (Golden Fox), La Semaine du Cinéma

experimental, 03'46, 2012 (Cyprus)

Nicosia, Cyprus. A city split in half for the past 38 years. On one hand, the turkish side. On the other, the greek. In the middle, the military dead zone. A land where time seems to have stopped. A young woman is mystically drawn by the sound of prayers coming from the other side. But as far as she looks, her eyes cannot go beyond the barricades.

This project can also be screened as a video art installation, with two separate screens facing eachother.

screenings : 

London Greek Film Festival, London (UK) /  Athens Video Art Festival, Athens (Greece) / Façade, Plovdiv (Bulgaria) / Les Courts Enchantés, Paris (France) / Syros Film Festival, Syros (Greece)

experimental, 03'58, 2013 (France)

This film is a dialog between a man and a woman. It is about the fear of being intruded upon by someone, be it in the body, or the mind. Fear of letting someone nest into your heart. Fear of the consequences that may follow.


co-directed with Romain Landreau.


music: Souvenirs, by Timber Timbre (Arts and Crafts, 2012). We do not own the rights to this music, nor do we seek any commercial purpose.

Prizefighter - Sports

music video, 2012

Official video for the song "Prizefighter" by Sports. 

Footage under creative commons, old promotional film on forest industries in the United States during the 1940s.reedited to fit the song.

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